separation anxiety
If you have ever lived with a dog with separation anxiety you will recognise the frustration and stress from not being able to leave your home without your dog, either out of fear from getting that 10th note in your mailbox from your neighbours complaining about the non-stop barking and howling coming from behind your door, or from fear that if you do leave you will come back to a house in ruin from one of your dog’s desperate attempts to flee his/her confinement or in his/her panic they have accidently soiled all over your carpet or furniture. You feel trapped and desperate, but you are not alone.
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Have you ever gotten the advice to not greet your dog when you come home? To simply ignore it and then move on with your day? Or are you having a petting party with your dog every time you return home? Here is what science has to say about greeting your dog when you come home.
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Fear in dogs can cause a lot of different behaviour problems. Just as humans, dogs have a variety of emotions to help them cope with the world. The emotions our dogs are having are never neutral and can vary in intensity. Like us a dog can go from being super happy to being very afraid or frustrated. Emotions affect how our dog’s brain is structured and how it works, and in return that affects how our dogs behave. In this blog we explain fear in dogs and how you can help them overcome it.
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Many dog owners recognise the strong bond they have between their dog and themselves. For many a dog is a family member. But what kind of connection from a scientific point of view do you find when looking deeper into the relation between humans and their dogs? A strong willed myth lives in the dog world saying that Dogs are opportunists who prefers the person who feeds them. But is that really so or does the connection run deeper than that?
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Does the colour of a dog’s fur really say something about their behaviour? Dogs come in all different types of colours these days, even within the same breed you can get different colours. The colours come from 2 different types of pigment – Eumelanin and Pheomelanin. in this blog we dive into the dog's domestication and the research behind if the colour of a dog's fur can really affect a dog's behaviour.
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