Do you want to know what your dog is saying?

Improve your communication with your dog or are you just curious about how dogs communicate?

Dog Body Language is one of the key basics to know when living with a dog.

It will not only improve the bond between you and your dog, it will also help you in your training and make your everyday life easier.

Life with a Dog have created a library where you can learn about all the body signals a dog uses in his/her communication.

We also have a FREE e-book to get you started and of course you should not miss our blog posts about dog behaviour.

If you are more of a science geek then we have even created an overview about the current dog body language science in the field. 

Start your journey into becoming a master in reading your dog’s body language!

Dog Body Language Library

Dog Body Language



Life with a Dog‘s Dog Body Language Library will take you through all the signals and cues a dog will use in his/her communication. The library consists of both videos and pictures with descriptive text to teach you dog communication. 

Dog Body Language - The Basics



Get started with Life with a Dogs FREE e-book that will take you through the basics of dog body language. The book goes through the basics in each body part from snout to tail and helps you understand the most common signs a dog uses in his/her communication. 



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