What Is Enrichment And Why Is it Important?

Enrichment is when an activity or an item is not only mentally stimulating for the dog but also helps improve the dog’s welfare overall. 

Enrichment can be anything stimulating from play sessions, to searching for items, solving problems through enrichment toys or training. Anything where your dog has to use his/her brain to successfully figure out a problem.

Scientific studies have shown that by providing your dog with enrichment and mental stimuli on a daily basis you decrease the risk of them developing problem behaviours and even decrease current problem behaviours in your dog. 

Mental stimuli or enrichment tires out your dog in a different way than physical exercise. It also keeps their brain strong which is important both during their development as a puppy but also to keep their brain sharp during their golden senior years.

Enrichment also strengthens the bond between you and your dog. Your dog sees that you are the creator of fun things and that you are helping them, which makes them grow closer to you. 

Spending time with your dog is also good for you as it creates a higher feeling of happiness. 

Finally, it can also boost your dog’s confidence.

Enrichment Ideas

30 Enrichment Ideas For Your Dog

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