Getting a dog for the first time is a big thing. You get to share your life with a dog filled with joy, fun and love, but you also get a new responsibility, someone to take care of and who depends on you 24 hours of the day. Are you ready to share your life with a dog, to take the responsibility of caring for another living being? 

On this page you will find all you need to know before deciding on getting a dog. Start of by answering our 10 questions you should ask yourself before getting a dog.

Are you ready for a dog?

In our program we guide you through both the practical, financial and mental considerations you must look into before adding a dog to your family. In this program you will basically get a dog driving license, preparing you for Life with a Dog.

We also offer lectures about the basics to think about before getting a dog along with blog posts and our dog basics, that every dog owner needs to know. 

Go explore and learn and find out if you are ready to share your Life with a Dog!

Are you Ready for a Dog?

Are you ready for a dog?

Go through these 10 questions and answer them by yourself or as a family to see if you are ready for Life with a Dog.

Life with a Dog Program

Life with a Dog

In this program you will get an all around preparation for Life with a Dog. We will go through the financial, practical and mental preparations you need to do before potentially starting your life with a dog.  Our aim with this program is to bring you more clarity onto whether or not Life with a Dog is for you.


Dog Basics

Learn how to mentally stimulate your dog and why it is important.
Dog training
Learn how to train your dog and why you should use positive reinforcement.
husbandry care
Learn how to do the basic husbandry care, like nail clipping.
dog body language
Learn how to understand and communicate better with your dog.

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