life with a fearful dog

Help your dog overcome their emotional turmoil with positive, reinforcing and scientifically based training

Is your dog afraid of loud noises, fireworks, different objects or sounds or maybe the world is just a scary place in general and has your dog on high alert the minute (s)he puts one paw outside the door? 

Living with a fearful or phobic dog can be very stressful and demanding. You want your dog to enjoy their experiences not be afraid of them. 

fear affects your dog both mentally and physically
Fear is an emotion. 

Fear in dogs can cause a lot of different behaviour problems.

Just as humans, dogs have a variety of emotions to help them cope with the world. The emotions our dogs are having are never neutral and can vary in intensity. Like us a dog can go from being super happy to being very afraid or frustrated.

Emotions affect how our dog’s brain is structured and how it works, and in return that affects how our dogs behave.

When working with fearful dogs we must therefor look at the emotions behind the behaviour and work on changing the fearful relations a dog has made to the thing, sound or human and instead help the dog create positive emotions towards the scary thing. 


How Can Life with a Dog Help You?

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As an Ethologist I look and work with the underlying emotions causing the behaviours your dog is exhibiting. It is only through working with the underlying emotion that we can truly solve the emotional turmoil your dog is going through causing the problematic behaviour in the first place. My knowledge is based on the latest scientific research around dog behaviour and I’ve helped many dogs overcome their troubles. I do not only work with your dog but will also give you essential knowledge about dog behaviour and how to understand your dog better, so that you can feel confident training with your dog. 

When working with your dog my approach is...

Every dog is an individual

Fear is an emotion that affects each dog differently. By looking at the individual dog’s emotions we can create the most helpful approach.

Knowledge Is Power

The more you know, the better life with your dog. My aim is to make you an expert in your dog’s behaviour and make you confident when training with your dog.

Personalized Training Plan

While working with you and your dog you will get a tailored training plan specifically for you and your dog’s needs to make your training succesful. 

Safe your energy

Spend your energy training with your dog not thinking about how to train your dog. By having professional support your energy can go to working with your dog.


Working through and changing emotions takes time, effort, persistency, commitment and patience.

During these programs you will get the tools to work with your dog to change their emotional state and through that change their problem behaviours. You want to improve your dog’s welfare overall, not just fix superficial symptoms of an underlying emotional dysregulation.

Life with a Dog will give you the tools to help your dog and teach and support you through your journey but you have to be ready and committed to doing the training. 


Need help with your dog now? Then book a consultation directly. 

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