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Are you struggling to solve your dog’s behaviour problem?

Life with a Dog offer consultations both online and in person (Västra Götaland, Sweden) to help you work through your dog behaviour problem. Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety? Or maybe reactive to other dogs? Or maybe (s)he doesn’t like loud noises? Whatever the problem Life with a Dog is ready to help!

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Free Resources


Learn how your dog communicates and how to understand him/her on a whole new level!

Mental stimulation and enrichment is key for your dog’s overall welfare and happiness. Get ideas on how to enrich your dog’s life here. 


Improve your dog’s welfare and behaviour by giving him/her choices in their lives. 


Dog Body Language

Dog Body Language Library

Life with a Dog have created a dog body language library where you can learn all about dog body language. Knowing dog body language not only helps you understand your dog better, it also helps you solve potential behaviour problems as you can understand your dog on another level and help him/her cope with the world in a stronger way.