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Positive scientific methods

At Life with a Dog all learning is based on the latest scientific knowledge about dog behaviour. Our online training programs only use positive, rewarding methods based on the latest science. 


Learning is fun

At Life with a Dog we believe knowledge is power! This is why we have set up the platform to take you through each state of your dog’s life, so both you and your dog can keep learning.


Closer bond with your dog

At Life with a Dog our goal is to help you through each milestone in your dog’s life, create a strong bond with your dog and have a happy life with a dog.



dog tail

Can your dog’s tail tell you how your dog is feeling?

Happy tail wag means a happy dog, right? But is it really that simple or is your dogs tail wag more complicated than that?

In this blog we are looking into how dogs communicate with their tails and what underlying emotion a tail wag might display.


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What every dog owner needs to know.

dog body language
Learn how to understand and communicate better with your dog.
Learn how to mentally stimulate your dog and why it is important.
Dog training
Learn how to train your dog and why you should use positive reinforcement.
husbandry care
Learn how to do the basic husbandry care, like nail clipping.

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"Very informative and helpful insights about our best buddies. If you are a dog lover, but have a dog problem, Life with a Dog will have a solution for you. Strongly recommended."
"We are fantastically happy with the course "life with a reactive dog". Notice a big difference in our dog's behaviour and relationship with us and with other people and dogs. In addition, we have gained knowledge and tools to know how to be and train. Charlotte's knowledge and ability to see, listen, train, give advice and feedback is absolutely superb. Can really recommend Charlotte! Thank you so much for all the help and knowledge!"
"Great help and guidance with our rescue dog. Gave us very useful tips, techniques and exercises to use at home and outdoors with our dog."
"Very good help and big changes in behaviour in our dog. A street dog that has been through a lot. That was afraid of cars, people, other dogs etc. is much much safer in itself and the walks have become much easier! Charlotte provides professional help and provides clear instructions that have given us invaluable tools for reading our dog's behaviour."
"Charlotte has helped us a lot with our amstaff Zelda! We have received lots of tips and exercises that we train her with and we have seen a difference in her behavior in just under 2 months. :)"
"Incredibly skilled and professional help with your dog. Our dog Zelda felt safe with Charlotte from the first time. We sought help for our one-year-old amstaff who had been having it tough at a previous home. It has given her trauma and fear, especially for people. After various training methods, we finally found Life with a dog and methods that worked for our dog. After only four / five training sessions, I already feel better as a dog owner and the training gives good results. Highly recommended!"
"We were lucky to have consultations with Charlotte for our dog Eli. Eli is a stray dog from Greece that came to our family last summer. Before starting our consultations, Eli was a really scared and insecure dog. Charlotte helped us to create a strong bonding with Eli, to be able to understand her needs, and to create routines and activities of fun. In all of our consultations, we focus of the body signals of Eli, and we tried to boost her confidence and create a relationship of trust. Also, she helped us a lot with teaching her basic commands in order to communicate with her better with extra focus on positive reinforcement. Charlotte is extremely professional, well educated, and ready to help and assist any dog behavior and occasion. We are really happy about our collaboration with Charlotte and we strongly recomend her."