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Positive scientific methods

At Life with a Dog all learning is based on the latest scientific knowledge about dog behaviour. Our training is based on positive, rewarding methods based on the latest science. 


Learning is fun

At Life with a Dog we believe knowledge is power! This is why we have set up the training for both you and your dog to learn together.  


Closer bond with your dog

At Life with a Dog our goal is to help you understand your dog better, create a strong bond with your dog and have a happy life with a dog.

An ethologist is a person who studies the behaviour of animals in their natural environment. An ethologist has an academic background and can work as consultants, scientific researchers or be employed in veterinary clinics, zoos or other animal facilities.
As a dog ethologist, I study the behaviour of dogs and explain it to their humans through private consultations or programs, workshops, webinars or lectures.


How Can Life with A Dog Help You?

Life with a Dog offers different programs or one-to-one consultations to help you and your dog through the struggles you are having. If you do not find any program suitable for your needs (maybe you have a dog with many different problems or a specific issue, like OCD etc.), then book a consultation directly here. 


Life with a Dog strongly recommends that you book a full health check with your veterinarian before seeking help with your dog’s problematic behaviours. This is specially important if your dog has had a sudden change in his/her behaviour as that might be due to an underlying physical issue causing your dog pain or discomfort. 

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Always Keep Learning

Life with a Dog offers lectures or workshops for dog professionals who wants to learn more about the latest scientific finds about dog behaviour. Do you want to know more about dog body language when handling dogs in your veterinary clinic? Maybe your dog breed club members are interested in a night talking about dogs and get some of their behaviour explained? Or maybe you are educating new dog trainers in separation anxiety and are looking for guest lectures?

Life with a Dog is ready to help!

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Knowledge Is Power


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