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Positive scientific methods

At Life with a Dog all learning is based on the latest scientific knowledge about dog behaviour. Our training is based on positive, rewarding methods based on the latest science. 


Learning is fun

At Life with a Dog we believe knowledge is power! This is why we have set up the training for both you and your dog to learn together.  


Closer bond with your dog

At Life with a Dog our goal is to help you understand your dog better, create a strong bond with your dog and have a happy life with a dog.

As a Dog Ethologist my aim is to help you and your dog with your dog behaviour problems. You can read more about me and Life with a Dog below or book a consultation so we can start working on solving whatever problem you might be having. 

Who Am I?

My name is Charlotte. I have a masters in Animal Ethology and have afterwards specialized in dog behaviour. I started my company Life with a Dog in 2018, and my aim is to help dog owners with whatever dog behaviour problem they might be having. 

On the homepage you can find different resources to help you understand your dog’s behaviour better. Feel free to browse around or contact me with any questions you might be having!


dog tail

Can your dog’s tail tell you how your dog is feeling?

Happy tail wag means a happy dog, right? But is it really that simple or is your dogs tail wag more complicated than that?

In this blog we are looking into how dogs communicate with their tails and what underlying emotion a tail wag might display.


Dog Body Language

Learn To Speak Dog!

Dog Body Language is one of the key basics to know when living with a dog.

It will not only improve the bond between you and your dog, it will also help you in your training and make your everyday life easier.

Life with a Dog have created a library where you can learn about all the body signals a dog uses in his/her communication.

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