How to get your dog to walk nicely

There are so many different advice and methods out there, making it hard for dog owners to chose which method to use to make their dog walk nicely on the walks. This ends with most trying out different methods and often ending up with an unsuccessful result. Along with frustration and giving up.
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Emotions in dogs – How is your dog feeling?

Talking about emotions in dogs is something relatively new in the scientific world of dog behaviour. The neuroscientist Gregory Berns was one of the first to establish that dogs really does empathize with us and that what we feel can be transferred down to our dog and make them feel the same. Do they love us? You bet! But what are they feeling themselves and how do they portray those feelings, and more importantly how do we as humans learn how to read and understand those emotions?
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Pack leader or companion? The scientific view on dog training

The dog world has been split into two for a long time. Those who believe that the dog should be trained with rewards and positive reinforcement, promoting the dog to succeed against those who believe that you should be the pack leader and use dominance and force against your dog in order to properly train them. But what does science have to say about the pack leader mentality and dominance theory in dog training?
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The Dog Oxytocin Boost

Can your dog give you an Oxytocin boost? It is no secret that having a dog makes life better. Dogs are there for us no matter which mood we are in. They are ready to play if we feel playful, they are by our side if we need to take a walk and they are there when we feel sad, ready for cuddling or giving us kisses to take our tears away. Dogs are man’s best friend! But how can we measure that happiness and make a scientific prove that dog's really do make life better?
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The relation between human and dog – How strong is it really?

Many dog owners recognise the strong bond they have between their dog and themselves. For many a dog is a family member. But what kind of connection from a scientific point of view do you find when looking deeper into the relation between humans and their dogs? A strong willed myth lives in the dog world saying that Dogs are opportunists who prefers the person who feeds them. But is that really so or does the connection run deeper than that?
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child-dog interaction

Child-dog interaction and how to master it!

Growing up with dogs can have tremendous benefits for a child. They create a friendship, they can seek comfort and learn how to take care of another living being. Dogs can even be used to help children learn to read. A dog can be a child’s best friend.
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