Dog socialization – The how and the why!

Socializing your new puppy or dog is something you should start with right when your new dog enters their new home. Socialization does not only cover getting adapted to other dogs or animals, it also involves being introduced to new environments, sounds and many different people.
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10 Dog myths – true or false?

The dog world is filled with myths. From everything about a dog’s intelligence to their tail wags. In this blog we will go through 10 myths in the dog world with the help of the brilliant book Den missförstådda hunden by Per Jensen.
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how to train your dog

How should I train my dog?

How should you train your dog and why is the training method important? In this blog we dive into what science says is the best training method for dogs and why it is important to use the right training method in order to create the best relation with your dog.
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dog tail

Can your dog’s tail tell you how your dog is feeling?

Recently scientists have figured out that a tail wag can also display a dog’s most inner feelings. It all comes down to lateralization. A dog’s brain, like a human’s, is divided into a left and a right hemisphere. The left hemisphere of the brain has control of the more positive emotions while the right hemisphere takes charge of the more frightening uncomfortable emotions.
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