Dog Body Language Library

A dog’s communication is different than humans. We humans mostly depend on verbal communication whereas dogs communicate with their body. This sometimes makes it hard for us humans to understand what our dogs are trying to tell us.

Life with a Dog have therefor created a Dog Body Language Library to help you learn dog body language and thereby improve the communication between you and your four-legged companion.

In our Dog Body Language library we will go through the specific body parts dogs use in their communication along with looking at the full body and of course dog to dog communication. Each section contains descriptive and visual learning material to help you understand the different dog body language signals. The library also contains a quiz where you can test your knowledge.

Learning dog body language will not only improve your understanding of your dog it will also improve the bond between you and your dog.

Start your learning today!

$ 30

Material Includes

  • Written material
  • Pictures
  • Quiz


  • No prior knowledge needed

Target Audience

  • Dog owners
  • Dog professionals
  • Everyone who is interested in dog behaviour and dog body language