Taking our dog for a walk is a daily and necessary part of our dog's daily routine. Walks are good for both our and our dog’s mental and physical health and is a great way for us to bond with our dog. Unfortunately, in many places dogs are most often required to be on a leash while walking. This is to keep them safe from the surrounding environment. A leash is most often attached to the dog’s collar or harness when out on a walk. In this blog we look into the effects a collar can have on our dogs both physiologically and behaviourally.
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Can your dog give you an Oxytocin boost? It is no secret that having a dog makes life better. Dogs are there for us no matter which mood we are in. They are ready to play if we feel playful, they are by our side if we need to take a walk and they are there when we feel sad, ready for cuddling or giving us kisses to take our tears away. Dogs are man’s best friend! But how can we measure that happiness and make a scientific prove that dog's really do make life better?
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